we are erik and jennifer

as much as we love

we hate


we take a no-nonsense approach to teach you what really matters for your business.

This is the unlikely story of how a Dutch guy and an American girl met over a mojito in Colombia and teamed up to build a sales department that grew 400% in 2 years.

i'm jennifer

I always find there is not quite enough time in the day. I love planning, building, and creating new projects which have taken me around the world and back quite a few times. Originally from a small town in the US I’ve visited 48 countries and worked across 8. Currently, I  live in Colombia and am co-founder of Those Coffee People, exporting some of Colombia’s best specialty coffee worldwide. And now, I am funneling my energies into teaching easy to implement sales skills to help entrepreneurs reach new heights of success. 

and I'm Erik

Originally from a small town in the Netherlands, my curiosity drove me to move to Denmark, Colombia, and now Canada. I love exploring new places, new cultures, and new food. It’s that same curiosity I use to help the entrepreneurs I work with every day. I enjoy making businesses succeed – each business is like a puzzle to me and I believe there is a solution for each of them. My strengths lie in finding that solution using data, and then building and implementing a strategy to success. Also, if it were up to me, I’d be eating ice-cream for breakfast every day!

and we started

In this next chapter together, we’ve decided to switch out mojitos for cake. Why CAKE? Because we understand how daunting it is to grow a business on your own. But we also know how great it feels to turn your passion into a successful business that pays your bills every month. And we want that for you, too.

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