We believe that the first step to being good at something is being bad at it. But to be bad at it, you have to be doing it at all.

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We take a no-nonsense approach because no one else is doing it. CAKE breaks down complex topics into actionable bite sized chunks and reveals the formulas and recipes that make businesses sell more.

In our courses, we use active learning to create an environment of collaboration because actually doing is what works best.




Because at the end of the day, every business needs to make CAKE to thrive.

This workshop is geared towards wedding photographers who have a basic understanding of what it takes to sell their services but know they want to take their business to the next level.

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The perfect bite-sized session to immediately improve your client calls

This personalized 1 on 1 session is for any and all wedding photographers that are looking to level up their sales calls.

Before our session, we ask you to record one of your sales calls and send it to us. We use our tried and tested Successful Sales framework to analyze where you can improve.

During our Cupcake Session, we will listen back to parts of your call together and provide you with tools and recipes to use. This gives you directly applicable improvements that will have an immediate effect on your close rates!

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Because there is more to marketing than Instagram likes.

This course is for wedding photographers that are looking to better understand and improve the quality of their inquiries.

Ask yourself, how would you approach and attract your clients if Social Media didn’t exist? Now ask yourself, what’s stopping you from using those approaches right now? Marketing is not about either / or, it’s about building a web of tactics that intricately work together to consistently generate high quality inquiries. We won’t teach you how to crop a photo, or how to increase your following. But we will teach you why these things matter and how they fit into the bigger picture. Start looking beyond Social Media and unlock the full marketing potential for your business.

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Because if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

This course is for creative business owners who are ready to create order out of chaos and put the systems into place to professionalize their operations

As a business owner, you are at the helm of your business. If you can’t measure your business, you can’t improve it. Therefore, you are going to need a dashboard that tells you how you’re doing this week, this month, and this year. A good dashboard will save you time and make running your business easier. It will even allow you to compare your performance to the past, and project into the future. During this workshop, we’ll be guiding you through all the necessary steps to build your very own dashboard, so you will always know what to do next.

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