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18/02/2023 + 19/02/2023

You started this business because of your love for capturing moments, but now you’re figuring out that sales is the biggest and most impactful step to staying in business. Although it may seem daunting, sales is more of a formula than you might think – and with our recipe you will gain control over how much you sell and who you sell to.


This is a virtual sales workshop spanning two mornings, teaching you how to turn more inquiries into bookings.

You will be taught by industry leading sales experts and experienced educators. Not only do we have a decade of real world sales experience, we also have a background in leadership training and know exactly how to help you apply best practices to immediately improve your business.

This will be an interactive workshop where you won’t only be attending, but also participating with others in the same situation which ensures an elevated experience for all.

THE extras

Some other tools that we’ll send you home with:

  • Wedding Industry Client Segment Toolkit
  • Sales Skills Cheat Sheet
  • Discovery Call Checklist
  • Our tried and tested email templates

the requirements

This course is geared towards wedding photographers who have a basic understanding of what services they are selling. Therefore, we require that you have closed at least 5 sales so you can get the most out of this course.

To get the most out of this course, you’ll need to be transparent about your business and be ready to confront your challenges and weaknesses. This will not only allow us to help you, but you will help others in turn.


Learn what your close rate is, and how to improve it. This course will be packed to the brim with actionable tips and tricks that will directly increase the number of inquiries you will turn into bookings.

Strong sales requires a shift in mindset. Your sales process needs to become more about finding out what the client really needs, before providing them with the exact solution that can help them. We guide you through every step of this philosophy so you can implement it in your business and never feel pushy again.

As you understand sales processes better, your confidence while selling will immediately increase. It’s not rocket science, but understanding the formula will take the mystery away.

We’ll teach you the fundamentals of your sales pipeline. Don’t know what that is? That’s okay. In this course you will learn that a strong sales process has various stages, regardless of industry, regardless of market, regardless of location. We’ll show you what stages fit your business and how you can use them to turn your booking process into a well-oiled machine.

We all encounter common objections from potential clients we speak with, and there are actually effective ways we can deal with them. We dive into all the details and you will walk away with a full playbook on how to handle tricky inquiries.

Clients can be split up in different client segments, with different goals, different values, and different mindsets, and they all require different pitches. We share with you our secret Wedding Industry Client Segment Toolkit, that will show you how to sell to your perfect client every time.

We know some of these topics may feel intimidating, and that’s okay! This is a beginner course that will teach you the foundations and empower you to build upon it.

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